Research Software

Here I will present some of my software I developed in my research. I use ASP.NET, Python, R and Raspberry Pi. Everything will be made open source eventually.

News Monkey

An application that collects published articles from news sites and then measures how many times the articles have been shared on Twitter and Facebook. I have been collecting about a million articles since February, 2014.

Written in ASP.NET and uses a MySQL database backend. Later I also added a article diffusion tracer which didn't really took long time to integrate after the software was built. But this is mostly for fun, since the theory of news diffusion hasn't changed much in the last two decades.

Count Followers on Twitter

I use the Twython package to get the follower count from political parties and news sites. Scheduled to run once a day via my Raspberry Pi, and to put the results into a CSV file. 

This is my first project learning Python, and I enjoyed the high-level language as it is quick to get started. I mostly develop this for fun, but maybe I will use it in my research later on.

Visualize Swedish Census Data on Maps

A small project written in R where I try to visualize the yearly Swedish SOM data on a map with all municipal regions (kommuner) and eventually animate the trend over the past couple of years.

The main problem is that I use TopoJSON and the regions arent quite coded to be filled with colors... To be continued.

Media Researchers in Sweden

I built a WordPress blog on that collects the posts from media and journalism researchers in Sweden. It gives a one page overview, which I find useful.

I also wrote a Twitterbot in Python to automatically post new blog posts to @medieforskarna as well as retweeting anything written under the hashtag #medieforskning.

Ezproxy Bookmarklet

A simple bookmarklet that helps with the login at my University Library.

You can find it here: Ezproxy bookmarklet. But it won't be much of a use if you don't have a student or employee account at University of Gothenburg.