Peter M. Dahlgren

Peter M. Dahlgren

Hello, my name is Peter M. Dahlgren. I write books, research, news, produce video and websites. Here's some of it.

Research Interest

How are people affected by using media? This is an old research question in the media effects tradition that I am particularly interested in. It contains persuasion, argumentation, political communication, social psychology and more.

In my PhD thesis, I focus on the effects of filter bubbles or echo chambers, or what is sometimes called selective exposure and confirmation bias.

What happens when people use Facebook or Twitter to make a custom world-view for themselves? What kind of picture do they get of the world? How are they affected in the long run? These kinds of questions are the scope of my thesis.

Promoter of open science and member of Heterodox Academy.

Påverkan och manipulation

Books and Publications

  1. Dahlgren, P. M. (2013). Politikers retoriska självförsvar under mediedrev: Hur statusläran kan ge ny kunskap om politiska intervjuer. Nordicom-Information, 35(3-4), 33–47.
  2. Järvå, H., & Dahlgren, P. M. (2013). Påverkan och manipulation. Lund: Studentlitteratur.
  3. Dahlgren, P. M., & Järvå, H. (2015). Slåss med argument borde vara en självklarhet. Humanisten, 16(1), 14–15.
  4. Dahlgren, P. M., Shehata, A., & Strömbäck, J. (2016). Selective online exposure and political polarization during Swedish election campaigns: a longitudinal analysis using four waves of panel data. Presented at the 6th ECREA European Communication Conference, Prague.
  5. Dahlgren, P.M. (forthcoming). Bokjävel [working title]. Stockholm: Liber.

Open Data

Open Access

Read more and download the datasets at my page for open data.


Read more about the software I have created for research purposes.



Podcast Skeptikerpodden about scientific skepticism. Also broadcasted in MTG Radio Kanal 1.


Varför sprids rykten? (january 2013)

Varför är Carl Bildt så skicklig på att hantera journalister? (SVT Stockholm january 2013)

Selective online exposure and political polarization during Swedish election campaigns (Ecrea, Prague november 2016)

Vad är filterbubblor? Forskare förklarar (Göteborgs universitets videoserie, februari 2018).




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